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Need $$$ Too!

Membership fees do not cover all the costs of running the Waste Not Center which include rent and utilities, insurance, telephone and internet service, van expenses, and office supplies and equipment.

Rent and utilities are by far our largest expense. We occupy about 4000 square feet and pay about $24,000 per year which comes to $6.00 per square foot per year. Please consider a financial donation to help us pay these expenses. If, through the generosity of our members, our partners, the general public, and the business community can get all or most of our rent and utilities covered, we will be on strong financial footing and our survival will be assured.

Every square foot that you can cover for us will help! Please consider being a supporter in one of the following categories:

Helper - 1 to 10 sq. ft.
$6 -$60
Patron - 11 to 25 sq. ft.
$66 -$150
Friend - 26 to 50 sq. ft.
$156 -$300
Wizard's Buddy - 51 to 100 sq. ft.
$306 -$600
Heavy Lifters - More than100 sq. ft.
$606 +

Make your check payable to, Waste Not Center‚ and mail to:

Waste Not Center
2830 B Fisher Rd.
Columbus, OH 43204

In the Memo line write, "Waste Not Center Rent & Utilities," or just ‚"WNC R&U‚".

We will update this page regularly as to the success of this effort. Thanks in advance for helping to keep this worthy community service alive.






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