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About The WNC

THE WASTE NOT CENTER WAS FORCED TO CEASE OPERATION IN LATE 2012 DUE TO INSUFFICIENT FUNDS TO CONTINUE.The Waste Not Center (WNC) receives donations from individuals and businesses of supplies that would otherwise be discarded and makes them available to teachers, artists and non-profit organizations at no charge other than a small annual membership fee.

Items available at the Center include:
Foam Core
Notebooks-plain cover only
Silk Flowers
Art Paint

The Center accomplishes the dual objectives of enabling teachers to obtain materials for their work that would otherwise be unaffordable and reducing the burden on local solid waste disposal systems.

It is in recognition of this dual objective that we adopted the tag line for the Waste Not Center:

"Unleashing Creativity Through Recycling"

On an average day, the Center will host 40-50 clients who collectively select about 2500 pounds of material and supplies for which they pay nothing other than the small annual membership fee. Member clients estimate the collective value of what they obtain at the Center each week is about $4,500 based on what the items and supplies would cost if they were purchased commercially. On that basis the Center contributes to the community about $250,000 of value each year.

The Center is a 501[c]3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible. We are located at 2830 B Fisher Road, Columbus, OH 43204. To join the Center or to make arrangements for your donation to the Center call  (614) 278-9445

For safety and insurance reasons children under 16 are not permitted in the Center warehouse. However, we have a vhs tape player and children's videos in the conference room where children can watch tapes while mom or dad shops.

While we are dedicated to the reuse of supplies and materials for educational and artistic uses whenever possible, we do not accept items in need of cleaning or repair. Thanks for your understanding on this point.

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