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Member Feedback
I just want to personally thank the Waste Not Center for your generous donations to the Brentnell Recreation Center.  Art is a major part of our program here and without your donations our resources would be very limited.  With the donations from your Center, our art teachers are allowed to offer more creative projects and allow the children to truly explore their imaginations.  Your Center is a true asset to the newly renovated Brentnell Recreation Center, and we hope that we can count on more donations in the future.

Joseph Morgan III
Bretnell Recreation Center Director

We feel that the Waste-Not Center is a very important to teachers as well as our community. We have visited there often to get craft supplies that can be used for our academic programs.  It helps our financial budget to be able to have such nice materials for free – from glitter to wallpaper books!

Dublin Community Preschool Staff

I just want to thank the Waste Not Center for their services.  I am an art educator in Westerville, Ohio, and the materials you provide are very valuable to the programs at both schools in which I teach.  Not only am I teaching art education, but I am able to pass along environmental education when providing these materials to my students.  In a day when Ohio’s school funding is in crisis and is often bleak, having a center to go to and gather materials is indispensable.  The use of materials is evident as you walk through our school.  Thank you for all that you do.

Jancy Cossin
Art Educator/Arts Facilitator
Hanby Arts Magnet School
Longfellow Math/Science Magnet School

As a third grade teacher, I am always enriching the curriculum with hands-on activities and crafts.  Extending every student’s experience to better their chances of retention of subject content is important to me.  Utilizing the free materials at the Waste Not Center has provided me an opportunity to do all the things I want with my classes over the years. (I was a past member of ReArt in Grandview). I believe the thousands of dollars that it would have cost me otherwise would have lessened my endeavors.  I have made costumes, scenery, story boards/bags, centers, manipulatives, cards, art work, 3-D sculptures, holiday decorations, Big Books, puppets, parent gifts, assorted theme projects, math games, science experiments, religious artifacts, banners, posters, bulletin boards, and stewardship projects. I must admit I am a dedicated member of this facility because it is always a treasure hunt for me every visit!  My creative expression and ideas are piqued when I can find something to use.  The anticipation of what’s new at the Center is worth the effort to drive across town to make school fun for my students.

Thanks ever so much for being available to teachers like me!

Stephanie Beatty, O.L.P.H.

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful recyclable materials that I chose from the Waste Not Center.  As a teacher, one of the things I work with my students on is conservation and recycling.  Visiting the Waste Not Center was a wonderful firsthand experience that I was able to share with my students about people and places that are making a difference.  Also the materials that I collected from the Center have been used in a variety of ways in classroom projects.  It has been an eye-opening experience for my students to use what others might view as “trash” or “unusable” in unique and interesting ways.  Thank you for making such a wonderful facility available.  I know I will be taking advantage of the Center many times.  I have also been spreading the word to my colleagues about the Waste Not center.

Debbie Pellington
Heritage & Genoa Middle Schools
Westerville, OH 43082

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