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Neighborhood Drop Offs

The following businesses and organizations have agreed to be drop off locations for small quantities of materials and supplies for donation to the Waste Not Center.  A suitably labeled container has been placed in a visible place at each location.  Clearly these containers are for small quantities.  For large donations please bring them to the Center when we are open.  Or if that is not possible call us at (614) 278-9445 and we will pick up the items.  Just keep in mind we are staff-limited (all volunteers with jobs) so drop off at the Center is always appreciated!

Needed items include:

  • Paper, pads, notebooks
  • Paint, brushes, glue
  • Fabric, flowers, vases
  • Pens, markers, pencils
  • Books, videos, CDs
  • Foam core, poster board
  • Binders, folders, envelopes
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Office & desk supplies

Listed below are locations in the Columbus area that have volunteered to be on-going drop offs as well as special events where the Waste Not Center will have a presence to accept donated materials and supplies.

Clintonville Locations

Clintonville Outfitters
2869 North High St.
Clintonville, OH 43202

Outdoor and recreational clothing, equipment and supplies for environmentally responsible enjoyment of the out-of-doors.

Clintonville Kitchen – Bath & Design
3339 N. High St.
Columbus, OH  43202
(614) 262-8644

Wide selection of materials and designs for new and remodeling projects.  Superb craftsmanship. 200 yards south of East North Broadway on the east side of High St.

Whetstone Community Center
3923 N. High St.
Clintonville, OH  43214
(614) 645-3217

Recently renovated and expanded the Center provides diverse recreational activities and facilities for all ages.

Columbus Locations

9 E. 2nd Avenue
Columbus, OH  43201
(614) 298-7000

Provides wide array of building materials and construction and remodeling services for green building projects.

Dublin Location

Generation Green
6375 Sawmill Rd.
Dublin, OH 43017
(614) 761-2222

The latest in eco-friendly products, while supporting fair trade practices and local vendors whenever possible.  In the Trader Joe’s shopping plaza.

Grandview Locations

1078 Goodale Blvd.
Grandview, OH  43212
(614) 458-1162

Residential & commercial energy saving products & services.  Extensive display of latest energy efficient  lighting and technology.  Free seminar series to keep you informed about latest developments.

Columbus Architectural Salvage
1580 Clara St.
Columbus, OH  43211
(614) 299-6627

Recycling old house parts & vintage building materials. Antique Fireplace Mantels, Lighting, Bathroom Fixtures, Hardware, Doors, Windows, & More.

Urbancrest Location

Southwest Community Center YWCA
3500 First Ave.
Urbancrest, OH  43123
(614) 539-1770

The YMCA provides programs to people of all ages. From infants, toddlers and preschoolers who take advantage of full-day and early education opportunities in our child care centers throughout Central Ohio, to our Older Adults who actively participate in many preventive health activities and trips around the world.  The YMCA is a member of the Waste Not Center.

Worthington Location

None at present time .


The Waste Not Center will be at the following events in the Columbus area to accept donations of materials and supplies.

None scheduled at this time.

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