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Creativity in Action

About every month we receive a donation of about 200 ladies shoes – RIGHT shoes only!  They are donated by a local photographer who receives them from manufacturers to photograph after which they are directed to dispose of the shoes.  For several years they have been going to the landfill.  Early this year the photography studio discovered the Waste Not Center and we have been taking them.  The shoes range from very modest design to high-end fashion items, for both sport and dress occasions.

 Many members have found creative uses for the shoes.  The most creative use is worth sharing.  Johari Parnell a teacher at Trevitt Elementary School in the Columbus Public School System, is taking a creative writing class this summer along with other local areas teachers.  One of her assignments is to develop a writing lesson and deliver it to her classmates as if they were students in her Trevitt class.  When Johari saw the shoes she had an inspiration.  She took a variety of shoes – one for each of her classmates – and she will ask them to write about the person that would wear one of the shoes. See photo below of Johari selecting her shoes.

This is a great example of our tag line in action: Unleashing Creativity through Recycling. It shows the value of open-ended materials as an educational resource way beyond the purview of art.

 Open-ended materials are those which have uses that extend well-beyond the purpose for which the item was initially manufactured, which basically describes the inventory at the Waste Not Center.  If you would like some help getting your creative juices flowing, Google the term “open ended materials” and you will find several articles that might be helpful. To get started check out:

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