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"Joining" the Roundtable means subscribing to one or both of our listservs. There is no cost or obligation.
To subscribe or unsubscribe from the Roundtable ListServs:
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Note there are two ListServs:
The Discussion Listserv is for posting items (e.g. ideas, opinions, etc.)  that might be expected to prompt some discussion or dialog.
The Announcement Listserv is to post notices of events, meetings etc., i.e. items not intended to prompt a response or discussion.  If you wish to respond to an item posted on the Announcement Listserv, do so on the Discussion ListServ.
For those who are new to the Roundtable the reason for two ListServs is that some members found the volume of traffic on the Discussion ListServ to be burdensome, but still wanted a way to keep up with information about upcoming evens etc.
You may join either ListServ or both.

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